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5 Metrics You Should Be Tracking To Ace Snapchat Marketing.



Snapchat has quickly become the social platform all marketers are trying to leverage in every possible way to yield higher ROIs from their digital efforts. This comes with no surprise at all, given that Snapchat has over a 100 million active daily users & 10 billion daily content views.

Nope, that wasn't a typo - 10 BILLION (that's a 'b', not 'm') daily views - now who wouldn't want to get in on some of that action?

Marketers & content creators often struggle with established platforms such as Facebook or Twitter that are rich with metrics & analytics when it comes to pulling insights. It's therefore unsurprising to see brands struggle to make sense of their Snapchat performance without any formal analytical capabilities, for example, many don't even know how many Snapchat Followers they have.

We asked our users to tell us what they're doing to track their Snapchat data & the answers we received were a mix of arduous manual efforts - painful processes of taking screenshots, filling up excel sheets, hunting through the limited information you can pull - all of this with the risk of missing a Snap or Story.

Well, if you're a brand, agency or influencer - I have some incredibly good news for you. Say goodbye to those painful hours spent doing all this manual data crunching becauseSnapchat Analytics are now on PropheSee!



Whether you choose to conduct your analysis manually or through automation, we’ve identified 5 key metrics you should be measuring on Snapchat to begin optimizing your performance:


Total Followers & Where They Came From: Tracking your total Followers & daily changes will help you determine how your audience is growing & where they are coming from.


PropheSee tracks your daily audience changes automatically along with where you acquired them - this information should help you determine the right places to position your handle to acquire new fans & drive growth.




Story Completions: Track your views per Snap & used it to measure your completion rates, i.e., how many people are going through entire Stories vs. dropping off somewhere in the middle. This can help you determine what Snaps are leading to drop offs (content insight!) & what is the ideal length of your stories too. It could even shed light on the right way to order your Snaps so that you have a higher chance of increasing your completion rates.


PropheSee tracks all your view data, from Stories to individual Snaps, so that you can easily determine all of these trends at the click of a button.




Screenshots: Okay, screenshots on Snapchat can provide some of the most important signals & insights - if you’re not paying attention to these, you really, really should. Screenshots can help you determine what resonates most with your Followers so that you can create content that will genuinely engage them & build that stickiness so they come back for every Snap/Story.

You can even use Screenshots in a myriad ways as a tool to gain insights directly from your audience! For example, consider asking for a vote on Snapchat & have different Snaps indicating the responses. Ask your Followers to take a screenshot of their preferred option & easily evaluate the direction you should take or whatever outcome you intend to evaluate.


PropheSee tracks all your Screenshot data, from Stories to individual Snaps, right down to the Snap with the most screenshots in a story so that this information is readily available at your fingertips.




Historical Performance: If you analyze your historical performance, you should be able to surface insights into that ideal mix of activities to garner the most out of your Snapchat efforts. Should you be talking about celebrity news on Monday mornings? Or should you be sharing live content with that partner you had for Fashion Week - did you acquire many new Fans? The questions are endless & this data can really help you answer all of them.


PropheSee stores all your Snap & Story data so that you can easily analyze what you did on that day when you had the most screenshots ever, or whether you should be posting more on Thursdays than Tuesdays, or where you should position your handle to gain more Followers and so on.




Followers or Advocates: You know your top engagers on other social platforms (don’t you?), and we’ve all heard of the saying that social media allows you to turn your Followers into brand loyalists, advocates & word of mouth marketers. With the dearth of formal Snapchat analytics, many have struggled to identify who these Snapchat Followers are. Identifying & reaching out to these individuals can help you drive increased word of mouth & build a loyal fan base.


PropheSee keeps a track of your top engagers by views, screenshots & more so you can easily identify them. Supplement this with the Snap data & time range to garner insights on which Followers are most interested in what type of content or at what time of year. For example, who flocked to your Stories during Paris Fashion Week & who engaged most with you over the Democratic National Convention?




The above is some of top line info you can get on PropheSee, in addition you can also get the detailed information for every Follower which includes display & user names, how they added you (where they found your Snapchat info), your Snap streak with the user, contact info (if available) etc.


In a nutshell:

Analyzing Snapchat data can be difficult & time consuming with the lack of any native analytics on the platform. PropheSee is one of the few platforms in the world that is working on automated Snapchat analytics for brands.

Whatever the route you choose to take for your analysis - manual or automated - it is imperative to spend time looking at this data in order to improve your marketing efforts. Only through this will you be able to answers those questions on what works & why and if you really should be spending time & resources marketing your brand on Snapchat.

How are you currently managing & analyzing your Snapchat performance? Any metrics you recommend one should follow or track that may not be listed? Use the comments section below to let us know!

As always, open to any questions & comments so feel free to drop me a line at ishaan@prophesee.in if you'd like to gain more clarity, have ideas or just want to chat - oh and also for details on PropheSee's Snapchat analytics. :)


PS: Used my own Snapchat account to illustrate data use for this post, so excuse the silly Snaps - addicted to Snapchat filters.


PPS: Here are the complete screenshots of PropheSee's Snapchat Analytics:




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