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PropheSee launches Shoprgram – a platform to enable users to shop through Instagram.

New Delhi, April 1st, 2015 – Starting today, if you can see a product on Instagram, you can purchase it within 2 or 3 clicks. PropheSee, a big data marketing analytics platform announced their debut of Shoprgram, a product that allows brands to turn their Instagram feeds into a shoppable experience. When a brand signs up with Shoprgram, their Instagram content is empowered with a shop action that allows followers to purchase exactly what they want with minimum lag time.

Shoprgram provides a brand the ability to turn their Instagram content into an equally stunning, visual shopping experience for their followers,” said Ishaan Sethi, CEO of PropheSee. “Instagram has quickly become among the most used & relevant platforms in the social media arena. With its rapid adoption across industries, especially fashion & hospitality, leveraging Instagram has been a much talked about subject from a traffic & revenue generating perspective. We’re thrilled that we can bring this product to the Indian market at such an opportune time.”

In the case of multiple products in one image, such as editorials,Shoprgram enables a brand to showcase each individual product from the Instagram image separately. This creates a win-win situation: a seamless user experience as followers are able to find exactly what they need with minimal searching whilst brands don’t have to change their content strategy in any way. Shoprgram turns the buying process into a 2-3 click journey, leaving all control with the brand in terms of where clicks should take their fans & followers.

While e-commerce is the primary clientele, other industries can leverage Shoprgram to drive followers from their Instagram page to any destination the brand desires. For example, movie posters shared on Instagram that link to trailers or ticketing services, news headlines that link to the complete article and many more. “The application has a pretty limitless scope, depending on how a brand decides to use it”, said PropheSee’s CTO, Sambhav Sharma.

PropheSee, a big data marketing analytics platform helps brand’s optimize their digital presence through a data driven approach. As a subproduct of PropheSee, Shoprgram provides clients with their shop based analytics and brands are given the option to integrate with PropheSee as well to manage their digital analytics entirely from one centralized hub.

To learn more about Shoprgram, visit www.prophesee.in/shoprgram or send an email to contact@prophesee.in for details.

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