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Decoding Social Spending Strategies.

Have you ever asked yourself the following question:Is my competitor making unbelievable content that goes viral or is it enhanced by spending?

If yes, jump ahead. If no, you definitely should be.

As the struggle for brands to attain higher organic reach grows, social spend strategies are growing in importance daily. PropheSee’s Promoted Post Detection (PPD) is a proprietary feature that allows brands to determine when their competitors have boosted content on Facebook at nearly 98% accuracy. But it doesn’t stop there, brands can even gain accurate estimates on the likely budget spent by their competitors as well as the reach these spends have garnered for them. 


Essentially, PPD demystifies a brand’s social spending strategies so you can get the deepest learnings into:

  1. Engagements: Understand the traction gained by your competitors’ content due to social spending. What is driving advocacy? What is driving conversation? 
  2. Boosting Efficiency: Our proprietary algorithm helps you understand who is utilizing the most efficient boosting strategy so you get all the insights needed to follow the most efficient process.
  3. Campaign Effectiveness: The PPD report will bring forth the most successful campaigns run & boosted by brands.
  4. Estimated Budgets & Reach: Yep, you asked & we delivered.
  5. There’s a lot more in the report + customizations that clients get to take advantage of!

Did we mention this is completely automated? Yes, that means:

  1. No more waiting for reports.
  2. Run the report for any brand, at any time.
  3. Powerful machine learning features that will only get better: currently at a 98% accuracy & rising.
  4. Significantly more efficient & affordable than any other report out there.

Using PropheSee’s advanced analytics, you can go beyond basic engagements & analyze the effect of boosting on things like traffic generation, for example. Are your competitors boosting to drive clicks? Where are those clicks coming from? The various sources of data tracked by PropheSee empower you with the ability to connect the various dots across digital.

All these insights help you optimize your strategy to build on your share of voice & allow your marketing efforts to meet with even more success.

A quick note on the methodology:

PropheSee’s PPD machine learning algorithm has been created after immense research across brand pages that range from a few hundred fans to millions. We extract features for each post according to their performance, duration of activity, and lifetime of the post (how long it stays active among fans) etc. Using a combination of sophisticated descriptive statistics, unsupervised learning models & pattern recognition techniques, these features of posts are used to create distinct groups based on their behavior, thereby distinguishing organic posts from promoted posts. 

In case you’re still unsure about giving this a shot:

Really? Well, here are three reasons that should help you decide:

First, PropheSee’s PPD tool is completely automated. This means you no longer have to wait to receive such a report. Run the report when you want, for whatever brands you’d like & as many times as you need to.

Second, PropheSee’s algorithm is also a “self healing model”. Basically, this means that the algorithm is intelligent enough to update itself with the changing patterns observed so that accuracy is never lost. Think about it like Siri, it just gets better the more you use it!

Third, our proprietary approach also gives you estimates on budget & paid reach so that you can get the most in-depth understanding of competitive boosting strategies.

Check out a sample PPD report here.

Want a customized sample report? No problem! Drop us a line – & we’ll be happy to send one your way!

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