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Digital Afterlife: Who Runs Your Facebook Account When You Pass Away?


The world’s largest social network, Facebook, announced on Thursday that users will now have the option to designate someone, who the social network calls a legacy contact, to manage parts of their Facebook accounts once they pass away.

Up until now, Facebook memorialized an account when they found out a user had passed away. Memorializing the account meant that Facebook would freeze the user’s account as is and the account became no loner editable. User’s are also given the option to have the concerned person’s account permanently deleted after death.

So what can a legacy contact do? It’s pretty straight forward:

  1. The legacy contact can write & share a post that can be pinned to the top of the memorialized user’s Timeline. For example, announcements regarding funeral services, memorial services or even a special message.
  2. Respond to new friend requests from friends & family who were not yet connected on Facebook. 
  3. Update the profile picture & cover mage.

If given permission to do so, legacy contacts can even download an archive of past posts, profile information & photos shared by the user on Facebook. However, legacy contacts will be unable to download any private messages or login as the person that passed away. A legacy contact can neither edit posts made by the user that passed nor edit posts made to the user’s page by friends & family.


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This decision has been whole-heartedly welcomed by those who are concerned about their data & information post their passing. The new service empowers users to make these choices about their information while they are living, and to many this therefore comes as a much awaited sigh of relief.

So in addition to your relationship status, birthdays, family details and whatnot, don’t forget to designate your Digital Heir!

The service is not yet live in India, but we’ll definitely let you know when it is!

In the meanwhile, we’d love to know you’re opinion on the new feature so make sure you tell us below!

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