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High Impact Features

Our platform features are singularly focused around improving efficiency and growing the bottom-line of your business.



My Posts

See all your posted content across all channels, assess engagement and optimize based on the most successful formats.

Brand Stream

Track the content of your competitors, news outlets or other interesting brands based on any relevant keywords to keep a close eye on your industry.

Trend Analysis

Filter through the internet to identify most popular trending topics, hashtags and keywords so your marketing efforts stay ahead of the curve and have maximum impact.


See how you stack up against your competition with our proprietary marketing analysis and grading system.

Twitter Mentions

Get real time tracking of all Twitter brand mentions with helpful sorting and organizing capabilities to easily keep track of and respond to all your evangelists.



Gain valuable insights for coordinating each of your channels together into one cohesive strategy to amplify your marketing efforts.

PropheSee's data analysis across all your marketing channels leverages proprietary grading methodologies that benchmark your performance against competition & give you personalized insights to optimize performance. 

Other features such as engagement prediction, audience tracking & link tracking ensure you always stay several steps ahead of the competition.



Our beautifully visualized reports are designed to communicate exactly what you need in a clear, crisp and effective manner.


Campaign Tracking

Organize all campaign data visually over time in simple graphs and charts that meet your particular needs.


Promoted Post Detection

Pull detailed reports on your competitor's social spending and understand the performance of their organic vs. paid strategies.


Cross Channel Report

See how your marketing channels stack up against each other and how to effectively coordinate them to achieve the best ROI.



Schedule and track posts across all channels with built-in targeting options that make content management seamless and simple.

Engagement Prediction

Set engagement targets and find out if your content is likely to reach those targets within a certain time frame.

Link Tracking

Track each audience member's journey across all channels and understand the true ROI of every post and click.

Upcoming Features


Content Analyzer

Analyze your content (posts, Tweets, blog titles & body, headlines etc) before sharing it with our audience to predict their performance. Get actionable data-driven insights and suggestions backed by our solid text analytics and machine learning algorithms to drive higher engagements, clicks & ROI.


Audience Insights

Increase your reach by easily identifying your true fans and the influencers using PropheSee's state of art text analytics algorithms based Audience Insights Engine. Unearth information you've been looking for, forever.


Video Analytics

Adding to our already established YouTube Analytics you will soon get actionable insights for video content curators across different platforms. Analyze historical trends, video statistics and audience to optimize your performance.