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Powerful Marketing Analytics Tools, On Us!

Our powerful library of data will provide a foundation for success at absolutely no cost with more free tools to launch soon!

Campaign Insights


Do you have a hard time keeping track of evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns across social channels? This report allows you to track hashtags across social media & furnish a detailed, insight driven report on the performance of that campaign.

Take our Campaign Insight tool for a spin and learn exactly how your audience is responding to your campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Instagramwith details on influencer participation, sentiment, traction, geographic data & more.


Headline Analyzer


Want to write an eye-popping headline? Headlines that drive higher clicks, increase traffic to your blog / website ? PropheSee's Content Analyzer is a complete package that furnishes in-depth insights for your headlines in terms of readability, word balance, sentiment and tone, estimated number of views on an article.

Give our Content Analyzer a spin to analyse & improve your headlines.

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