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Introducing PropheSee’s Instagram Analytics.


With 300 million active users, Instagram is now officially the second largest social media platform surpassing Twitter.  This coupled with how the platform has revolutionized the marketing space has made Instagram a key platform for brands to build an active presence on.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of PropheSee‘s Instagram Analytics! Understand everything about your Instagram presence – from monitoring activity to optimization ideas. Our analytics help you understand your most pressing questions such as which filters are working best for you to HashTags and a whole lot more. Scroll down for details!

Understand What’s Going On?

When you access PropheSee‘s Instagram analytics, the first thing you see is a high level performance section. Quickly capture your key metrics and analyze how these have changed since your account’s inception.


The second section captures a detailed overview of what has happened on your Instagram page over a specific time interval. Understand how your fan base is growing, how you’re engaging with these fans, what your most used HashTag(s) & Filter(s) are, in addition to a whole lot more!

If you’re spending too much time deciding what to post for Throwback Thursday or need to know what your most engaging content has been, we have everything you need. PropheSee‘s analytics show you your best performing media in a particular time range so understanding what worked best is as quick and seamless as possible!


Empower Yourself With Insights That Matter.

Monitoring is great, but we don’t stop there. Our optimization tab allows brands to leverage in-depth insights to help improve performance. For example, what filters are yielding the most engagements? What HashTags are you using that are in common with the most popular HashTags on Instagram and within your industry? Our optimization tab answers several questions such as these to enable you to understand what is working, what isn’t and how you can meet with even more success.



We think every brand should know how much they contribute to their brand centric marketing activities on Instagram. Using PropheSee‘s Instagram Analytics tool, you can do just this and go one step beyond & figure out who else is driving your HashTag volumes. Once you know who these users, turn them into brand advocates & engage with them to drive word-of-mouth marketing like never before.


PropheSee‘s Instagram Analytics don’t stop here. Using our robust custom reporting & client strategists, brands are tapping into their Instagram presence in all new ways. While our automated analytics are already empowering clients with immediate insights & optimization ideas, our strategists use our vast amount of data to analyze competitors & answer more in-depth queries as well. What does this mean for our clients? Simple. Our clients always hold the competitive advantage. They know what is working for them, what their competitors are up to and how they should position themselves to constantly stay ahead.

Stay tuned for new features & for more information regarding our Instagram Analytics & other services, drop an email to and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help your brand! 

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