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IPL 2016: Social Media Review.

The 9th edition of the Indian Premier League came to a close last weekend with the Sunrises Hyderabad emerging as the winners. Given the large amounts of conversation & content shared across social media channels, there’s no surprise that several brands tried to ride the 2016 IPL wave to build new audiences, engage their users & drive higher ROIs from social media.

Using PropheSee’s cross channel social analytics, promoted post detection, link analyses & campaign tracking, we were able to surface deep insights into content strategies, social spending, traffic from social media etc. The following are some key slides & takeaways, check out all the details on PropheSee’s slideshare page.




The following slide uses PropheSee’s Promoted Post Detection algorithm (98% accurate, yay!) to identify boosted posts shared by the participating teams. PropheSee even estimates the budget spent on & reach garnered by boosted content, check out the complete presentation for these details here.


Bajaj Finserv’s campaign (#50for4) during the IPL Final yielded the maximum hashtag mentions wrt any other brand campaign. Using PropheSee’s link analytics, any shortened link can be analyzed by brands leveraging the PropheSee platform. We analyzed the traffic various posts generated & here’s what we found:


Throughout the tournament, IPL fans had been very vocal about their support for Virat Kohli, among other cricket players. To no surprise, Virat was also the most talked about player (with the largest share of voice on Twitter) over the course of the IPL 9 final. Even though the Sunrisers emerged victorious, the Royal Challengers owned the social media conversation.


This is just a snippet of the entire study, don’t forget to check out the entire study here & let us know what you think in the comments below!


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