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Revenue Generating Media: How To Drive Traffic & Sales From Instagram.


With over 300 Million active users, 75 Million posts shared per day & an the highest average referred sales order value of US $128, Instagram has emerged as a key social media platform among others. The rapidly peaking popularity of Instagram indicates an emphasis on the power of quality content, a signal to brands who want to leverage the platform: content is king.

Brands have been on Instagram for a while now, but many will agree that when it comes to sales & marketing initiatives – many strategies fall short of their goals. Instagram has a number of unique features compared to other social media channels. Understanding these & leveraging them is vital for a brand to succeed on Instagram. Here are some key metrics you should consider when thinking about Instagram.



Embrace What Is Unique

With a primary focus on content quality, space for only one clickable outbound link & no “share/repost” buttons, gaining traction on the platform can be a challenge. Understanding key features and how they can be leveraged by your marketing efforts forms the first layer of driving success on Instagram.

Creative Linking

As mentioned, and as you may have realized, Instagram allows for only one clickable link that can redirect a user out of the platform. Links in images are not clickable and show up as text. For example, IndiaTrend is an Instagram handle with a powerful community that is extremely active with several order related queries being posted in the comments section. If this link was clickable, it could have potentially driven many more Followers to the brand’s website.


Therefore, using & positioning links in creative new ways to take advantage of Instagram features is key to driving potential traffic from the platform. For example, check out how Victoria’s Secret uses the geotagging space for specific calls to action for their followers.


Creating a Seamless Path To Purchase

The last thing you want to do is direct your potentially converting Follower to a page unrelated to the product he/she saw on Instagram. Face it, asking them to go through your site again to find what initially brought them there isn’t the ideal user experience. That’s why we don’t think directing Followers to your homepage is the best idea.

The most important factor to keep in mind is that Instagram is a mobile first platform and consequently, most of your Instagram visitors will be viewing your site on mobile. To this effect, we cannot lay enough emphasis on how important it is to have a responsive site. If your site is not responsive, we recommend you start by creating a responsive landing page for your Instagram followers. Directing them to a page that can as closely resemble the visual experience offered by Instagram will make the Follower’s path to purchase that much easier. Check out Shoprgram for the easiest way to do this, but do so after you read through the rest of this post.


Partner With Shoprgram

In case creating your own landing page isn’t feasible or if you want to use a tried & tested service – Shoprgram could be an option worth considering. Shoprgram’s features let you create a stunning visual shopping experience based on your Instagram feed thereby bringing you closer to achieving your traffic & revenue goals.

For example, consider, the leading luxury e-commerce portal in India offering the latest in high end designer fashion for men & women. Shoprgram creates a landing page for RockNShop, to which Followers are directed via a link in the brand’s Instagram bio that also tracks the number of visits. The Shoprgram page showcases the brand’s Instagram content wherein each product is linked to it’s respective page on RockNShop’s website.


In fact, something unique to Shoprgram is the platform’s ability to split multiple products in one image into individually showcased items so that users are always taken to the specific product’s page that they are interested in. Shoprgram makes the purchase path from Instagram into a 2 – 3 click process.


Using the “Your Likes” feature, customers can filter RockNShop’s imagery to only show what he/she has Liked on Instagram. This reduces the “endless search” problem, allowing potential buyers to find what they need without any additional work. This also helps brands like RockNShop get in touch with such customers as they are able to capture their Instagram handle and contact them if needed.


Sponsored Stories & Ads

Some of us may have seen sponsored content on our Instagram feed. While Instagram is testing these features out with a few select partners, when and how it will work as a finished feature is yet unknown.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 3.16.27 PM

Source: Instagram

 In the meanwhile, as a brand, it could be wise to understand how sponsored content is performing for you on other platforms and understanding key insights. Preparing in advance, leveraging these insights and then tailoring sponsored content will make it that much more efficient and potentially successful for if/when Instagram opens this feature to the public.

Competition & Inspiration

Finally, data tools today provide brands with various ways to get try and understand what their competitors are doing. PropheSee allows a brand to monitor their own performance over time & track their competition (or benchmarks) to understand what Instagram strategies & content are working best for them. Doing so enables a brand to seek inspiration from competition & hold the competitive advantage by staying one step ahead. PropheSee insights include everything from resonating content type to hashtag usage, filter impact, post timings and a whole lot more.

Share your thoughts with us using the comments section below! What do you agree/disagree with & how are you using Instagram for your brand?

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