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Facebook Analytics and Marketing Tools

Ever since Facebook opened itself to the world in 2006, its hold on the social media world has grown stronger each year. With more than 1.71 billion monthly users, it has the widest reach of all other social networks making Facebook marketing tools crucial to the success of any small business or blog.

If you are looking to leverage Facebook’s power for your brand’s or company’s growth, you should understand how your current Facebook strategy is performing so you can decide what is working and what is not, set achievable goals, and create a plan to leverage the abundance of knowledge available through Facebook analytics tools like those offered by PropheSee.

Understanding Facebook Analytics Tools

Facebook comes with some built-in analytics tools, but they have limitations. For instance, Facebook’s internal analytics only show information on past performance. PropheSee’s social media analytics lets you predict future performance. It allows you to set targets and predict what is likely to work and what is likely not to work.

Some of the key metrics that our Facebook analytics tools can parse out to help you guide your social media plans are:

  • Engagement: This is the number of people reacting, commenting, sharing and clicking on your content. It gives you an idea of how people interact with your posts, letting you identify the content and posts that work and those that do not so you can plan accordingly.
  • Reactions: Formerly just “likes,” reactions now encompass all five emoji/emotional responses people can use to tag a post. It can help you gauge your audience’s feelings about the types of content you post.
  • Reach: This is the number of people who have seen your posts in their news feed. Measuring reach lets you not only gauge how many people see your posts, but evaluate how many are engaging with your posts out of all the people who see it.
  • Visits: This refers to the viewers who click through to your Facebook page. You can even examine the tabs viewers click the most – e.g., Timeline, Photos, Info, etc. – and which they neglect. Monitoring your visits also lets you identify correlations between content you post and bumps in visits to a part of your Facebook page, which can give insight into how your content performs, what tabs viewers are interested in after reading that content, and perhaps even the types of visitors the content is attracting.
  • Posts: Analyzing your posts helps you identify when your posts get the most reach and engagement, as well as the types of posts that are most effective at raising those two metrics. Armed with that knowledge, you can plan your posts so you get them in front of the right people at the right time.
  • People: This is the demographic metric of your Facebook analytics. It paints a picture of your audience’s age, location, gender, race, and interests, to name a few. If you know your audience, it helps you better understand their interests, concerns, and other important information that can guide your social media content.
  • Competitive Analysis: This allows you to deep dive on your competition and uncover their hidden secrets to see where they are having success and where they have vulnerabilities. With all the key competitive data compiled into one clear, insightful picture, it’s never been easier to understand how best to beat each of your competitors.

Facebook Marketing Tools Help Make Sense of These Analytics

Merely looking at these analytics will not help you improve your Facebook marketing. To get the most out of our Facebook marketing tools you need to understand what the metrics are telling you, evaluate how they interact with and affect other metrics, and then use these metrics to guide and predict future performance.

PropheSee’s Facebook reporting tools help you build comprehensive reports on your analytics and assess your performance with easy-to-read graphs. Our prediction engine is a perfect way to set goals for your Facebook page and create accurate predictions for your next campaign.

If you’re ready to learn how PropheSee’s Facebook analytics and tools can drive your social media plan toward success, call us at +91 9910319593.