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Instagram Analytics and Marketing Tools

In mid-2016, Instagram rolled out its business tools feature, upping the game for businesses looking to capture new audiences and engage with customers on the popular app. With the business profile enhancement came insights, Instagram’s analytics tools.

But these tools only scratch the surface compared to what you can do with a full suite of Instagram marketing tools. PropheSee lets you go deeper into your Instagram data, giving you important insights into what works, what does not, and how to better reach your target audience.

Tracking Key Metrics with Instagram Analytics Tools

These are the basic analytics you can get from your business profile:

  • Impressions – How many times users viewed your post.
  • Reach – The number of unique users who saw your post.
  • Website clicks – The number of users who clicked the link to your website.
  • Follower activity – The average number of times your followers are on Instagram each day.

Instagram’s insights page only shows you the raw numbers for these analytics with little information on how or why to utilize them in your Instagram marketing efforts. If you want to get the most out of these Instagram analytics, plus more insights and metrics, you need a platform with robust Instagram reporting tools.

With PropheSee, you can evaluate not only how many people see your images, but when they see them so you can identify the most opportune time to post. Our software also lets you evaluate how each post performs, giving you valuable insight you can turn into actionable strategy to get your posts in front of not only more users, but the right users.

Grow Your Business with Our Instagram Marketing and Reporting Tools

Along with the expanded analytics for your Instagram business page, PropheSee includes a wide range of tools that provide advanced statistics about your account and make growing your audience simple. These features can help you gain a competitive edge against similar brands and get the most out of your paid and organic traffic.

  • Benchmarked Analyses – No more guessing about how your account is performing. Our advanced analytics show your account’s growth over time and compare it to competing brands. This lets you measure if your strategy is paying off, and adjust it if it’s not so you don’t sink any more time and money into a failing strategy.
  • Intelligence & Predictive Analytics – PropheSee’s algorithms help you detect and predict trends in your performance. Dive into the minutia of what you are doing right and what is falling flat so you can identify which adjustments to make to improve your campaigns.
  • Hashtag Search & Analytics – You no longer have to guess which hashtags will get you the most reach. Our hashtag search and analytics give you real-time statistics on the most relevant and powerful hashtags to help you draw eyeballs to your posts.

PropheSee’s Instagram marketing tools help you create better Instagram ad campaigns and organic posts while keeping up with the latest trends and monitoring your competitors. With our data aggregation, looking at your follower activity or competitors’ posts at a glance is simple with everything organized in a single tab.

When Instagram’s native insights are not giving you enough information to improve your marketing reach and you are ready to expand your Instagram analytics tools with our full suite of software, setup your free account and see firsthand how PropheSee can benefit your business.