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The Indian Super League: Digital Roundup.

In A Nutshell

The Brands That Grew The Most.



With the first month of the Indian Super League coming to a close, PropheSee analyzed how the eight participating teams performed across digital & social media channels from October 12th – November 12th, 2014. The following graph depicts where the eight teams lie based on their Audience Acquisition Ratings, a standardized measure of cross-channel digital audience growth.




The Audience Acquisition Index (AAI) for the participating teams depicts the mean of the AAR scores for the eight brands with a value of 43.2 from Oct 12th – Nov 12th. Kerala Blasters led the set with an AAR of 82.20, nearly 1.5X of the AAR of Chennayian FC [56.09] that tracked second. FC Pune City tracked last with an AAR of 21.02, which is half of the computed AAI.

Content That Scored.

In terms of engaging their audience, the following graphic illustrates which team led competitors across which channel.


The Details.

What follows is an in-depth channel analysis that measures the digital performance of each team across the following channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Wikipedia from October 12th – November 12th, 2014.




Delhi Dynamos led the competitive set with 409K total Facebook Likes on November 12th. Kerala Blasters tracked second with 399K Likes followed by Mumbai City FC with 393K Likes. FC Goa tracked last with 106K Likes. Kerala Blasters surpassed Mumbai City FC on November 11th by gaining 5K Likes that day compared to 895 Likes gained by Mumbai City FC the same day, likely driven by the Sachin Tendulkar post.




The above graph represents the weekly growths in Facebook fans for each team starting October 12th and ending on November 12th. While Goa FC tracked second last as of Nov 12th, the team led the competitive set during Week 2, likely driven by the FC Goa vs. NorthEast United game on October 19th and FC Goa vs. Athletico De Kolkata game on October 23rd. On October 22nd, FC Goa also launched the #ForcaGoa contest, likely contributing to the high weekly growth rate.




In terms of Facebook PTA, Kerala Blasters led the competitive set as of the closing week ending on Nov 12th, with a score of 88K. During week 2, Atletico De Kolkata led the set with a peak PTA of 83K on October 21st, likely driven by this post regarding the Mohammedan Sporting Club. This post was among the most shared posts from the Atletico De Kolkata Facebook page.




Chennaiyin FC led the competitive set in terms of total twitter Followers as of Nov 12th [28K], followed by Delhi Dynamos with nearly 27K Followers. Chennaiyin FC surpassed Delhi Dynamos’s Twitter audience base on Nov 9th by gaining 503 new Followers compared to Delhi Dynamos that gained only 160 new Followers the same day. Chennai’s larger Twitter Follower growth on this day was likely driven by the fact that the official brand handle ReTweeted this Tweet by John Abraham.




Chennaiyin FC led the competitive set consistently and closed the month in first place with a weekly Follower growth of 1.7K. All participating teams experienced a decline in weekly Follower acquisition as the tournament moved into its second week, Delhi Dynamos experienced the largest decline among this set over the second week.




Once again, Chennaiyin FC led the competitive set in terms of total Instagram Follower acquisition with nearly 6K followers as of Nov 12th. Mumbai City FC surpassed Atletico De Kolkata over Nov 11th – 12th by gaining 86 new Followers compared to only 32 new Followers gained by Atletico De Kolkata over the same time period, likely driven by the fact that no content was shared by the Kolkata Instagram handle after Nov 9th, compared to 14 images shared by the Mumbai Instagram handle during the same time period.




Chennaiyin FC led the competitive set in terms of weekly Instagram Follower growth, driven by leveraging celebrity related content. The brand posted numerous images of leading celebrities, such as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This particular image helped the brand acquire the largest number of Followers on November 5th, contributing to the peak above and surpassing all competitors.




All teams tracked with significantly higher daily Wikipedia page views, consistent with the fact that consumer interests peak at this time with regard to the teams and the players involved. Kolkata experienced the largest peak [~ 30K page views] during this time likely driven by the fact that Kolkata played in the first ISL of the tournament. All teams experienced a decline in daily page views as the tournament progressed. Both Chennaiyin FC & NorthEast United experienced larger page views on Nov 11th likely driven by the fact that the two teams played against each other that day.




Atletico De Kolkata consistently led the competitive set in terms of Total YouTube views, followed by NorthEast United. Kerala Blasters surpassed Mumbai City FC on Nov 9th with 71K total views compared to Mumbai City FC’s 62K total views, driven by six videos ahred between Nov 6th – 7th including the Sachin Tendulkar Anthem. Chennaiyin FC gained over 8.4K views on Oct 31st likely driven by four videos that were shared by the brand on their YouTube page on Oct 29th & 30th that collectively yielded over 25K views.




Atletico De Kolkata & NorthEast United led the set consistently in terms of YouTube Subscribers. Kerala Blasters gained a significant number of new subscribers starting Nov 6th, consistent with the fact that the brand released three videos that day and three more on the following day (Nov 7th). Chennaiyin FC gained a large number of new subscribers following their 5 – 1 victory over Mumbai City FC on October 28th.



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