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The New Instagram Insights You’ve Been Looking For.


PropheSee analyzes hundreds of thousands of Instagram handles + millions of pieces of content every day to empower brands with actionable insights to optimize their Instagram strategy.

Now, we know there’s no dearth of “analytical tools” in the market, but what all our users unanimously called out was the lack of an intelligent insights provider. All the input we gained from our users & their asks coupled with our data science capabilities, helped us create PropheSee’s new Instagram analytics feature that met with immense appreciation & we’re so very thankful!

To make analysis as intuitive as possible, all the information you need is now categorized under five key sections:

Overview: top line information on the health of your Instagram handle.
Content: a deep dive into your content, engagements & posting habits.
Audience: insights into your Instagram following (geographic, demographic etc.)
Hashtags: See how your hashtag usages lines up with what’s popular on Instagram or what other brands are talking about.
Benchmark: Benchmark your performance against your competitors or “dream handles” so you always have a complete picture of where you lie
PS: This includes an integration with Instagram ads as well as a nifty social search feature which allows you to search by hashtags or keywords for particular pieces of content across social media, including Instagram. Sweet, eh?

PPS: As a proprietary feature, all analytics are now graded based on your historical performance & your competitors’, giving you the most holistic picture of your performance. These grades help a brand determine which aspects of their presence they should pay attention to & where one should direct their effort to improve performance. Now live for Instagram & Facebook analytics; coming up very soon on every other aspect of your digital presences so you can start leveraging the most comprehensive & easy to understand performance insights.

Read on for a more detailed overview of the new Instagram analytics on PropheSee.



The first section gives you an overall grade for your performance + key recommendations to improve your strategy. For ex, in the screenshot below you see that all recommendations are related to specific content aspects because content engagement was lower than average for this brand compared to it’s historic average.




Each individual metric (growth in followers, average interactions etc.) is also graded & benchmarked via a vis competitors of your choice. You can view a day over day trend for any of these metrics & access an actionable insight to improve performance wherever you see a yellow ‘i’ button.

The rest of this section breaks down your content posting habits for insights & measures your response time on comments on your content by your Followers.


Starting off with your key metrics, this tab will yield a deep dive into your content strategy.

Understand everything from when your engagements peaked, what media drove that & more. You can further analyze your content posting habits by filters used, posting times & type of media shared (images vs. videos). All comments on your content are auto sentiment analyzed by PropheSee so you can quickly glance at the overall reaction people had to your post(s).




This section will give you insights on your followers across:

  1. Gender Distribution
  2. Geographic Distribution: Countries, cities or specific places.
  3. Descriptive: the words that your Followers use most to describe themselves & their profiles.
  4. Your top new Followers by actions, i.e, the ones who engage with you the most (potential loyalists), the ones with the largest network (influential) & the ones you tag most (who have you been interacting with?)
    All of this information is used by PropheSee users to better understand their followers, target the right ads (yes, PropheSee analyzes Instagram ads too) & engage on a deeper level with content that is tailored to their Followers.




You can now view your hashtag usage head to head against what’s popular on Instagram by category (for ex. Women’s fashion, home cooking, men’s shoes etc.) and head to head against a competitor or any brand of your choice to see how your strategy compares with theirs. There’s even a section that evaluates the effectiveness of your hashtags at the bottom.




PropheSee now gives you a convenient snapshot of everything you need to know about how your performance compares with other brands & competitors across everything from follower growth to when they post the most, what they post about, where their followers are from etc.



BUT BUT BUT… it doesn’t end here.

This in combination with our social media search engine & nifty reports allow PropheSee users to search for content in real time, gain insights into how particular pieces of content, hashtags etc. are gaining traction, influencers who are participating in that conversation & a lot more.

What you see below is a sample of the Instagram Social Search run for #DiorCouture on the day Dior held their Couture Show (July 5, 2016). This section furnishes all the content shared with the hashtag along with insights into the traction (ex. 20 posts per hour), keywords & hashtags most observed in association with #DiorCouture & sentiment analyses on the individual posts & comments on those.




If you’re intrigued by some or all of this, write to me at Always happy to discuss & share knowledge! 🙂

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