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The PropheSee Audience Acquisition Ratings


Introducing the PropheSee Audience Acquisition Rating (AAR), a standardized, cross channel measure of brand audience growth across digital channels on a 0 to 100 scale. Audience growth is measured across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Wikipedia (which provides an accurate depiction of organic user interest). The Audience Acquisition Index (AAI) provides a benchmark for the AARs of various brands, much like a stock market index, reflecting the mean audience growth for the set of brands in a selection.


PropheSee‘s AAR will allow brands and agencies to gain a comprehensive insight into how growth metrics are changing across industries and competitive landscapes. As an independent, cross-platform and standardized metric, the AAR will enable brands to retrieve true reflections of their growth across digital channels, all the while benchmarked against an index that is indicative of the mean growth across all brands on a weekly basis, within the overall industry. As such brands can then correlate their weekly AAR change with the AAI and determine how their growth metrics compare to the market and specific competitors.


As a test study, we analyzed 22 restaurants in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi given their active presences on digital platforms. The graphic below illustrates the top 10 restaurants, based on their weekly cross channel growth as reflected by their AAR. In our study, the AAI has been specifically computed for these 22 restaurants, highlighting the fact that the mean cross channel acquisition rate is 22.4, leaving all brands following Ace of Flames under the AAI.




The following graph illustrates the AAR for all 22 restaurants in leader board style – Hauz Khas Social led the set with an AAR of 57.3, whereas The Pink Room tracked last with an AAR of 5.5.




As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the need for an independent and standardized method of performance measurement grows more pertinent. Keeping this in mind, our plethora of data and algorithms conceived the Audience Acquisition Ratings and Index (AAR & AAI) to allow brands to effectively measure growth performance in the most comprehensive way. Stay tuned for a whole host of data services that we will soon be launching to enable brands to turn data into actionable insights, shape strategies and optimize marketing & advertising campaigns.


For more information about PropheSee’s Audience Acquisition Ratings, specific use cases, subscription charges, details and more, please send us an email at


The PropheSee Audience Acquisition Index and Ratings (AAR & AAI) are proprietary and may not be used without prior permission from the company. You are free to share the AAR & AAI published on our blog weekly, however please ensure that due credit is given where necessary in order to avoid any breach of trademarks, copyrights and IP. If anything is unclear, please send an email to, so that we may clarify the same as soon as possible. 

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