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Twitter Analytics and Marketing Tools

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform that, if used strategically, keeps your brand and your content in front of your target audience. Most brands understand that Twitter can be a powerful tool to broaden their reach. But lacking a solid social media strategy, many brands find their tweets go unseen or unnoticed, or seen and noticed by the wrong audience.

To succeed on Twitter, you need to know what types of content to share (e.g., videos, images, etc.), what content your target audience engages with, and when to post your tweets. Use Twitter analytics tools to monitor your data and, more importantly, use that data to create or modify your strategy so you can develop content that your target audience will see and engage with.

How Twitter Analytics Tools Can Improve Social Media Performance

Twitter has built-in analytics tools that help you understand the impact of your tweets. Some basic statistics include:

  • How many tweets you sent.
  • Number of times others mentioned you.
  • How many people retweeted or liked your tweet.
  • Increases or decreases in followers.

This data is easily visible when logging into your Twitter account. But to fully understand your Twitter performance, you need to go deeper. Here are just three of the many other metrics to monitor, and how PropheSee can help you evaluate these metrics and take strategic action:

Impressions: On Twitter, impressions are the number of times users view your tweet or Twitter ad. The more impressions, the more eyes are on your content. This is important because before users can interact with your content, they have to see it. PropheSee’s Twitter analytics software helps you evaluate your impressions as well as what days and times are most effective at increasing the number of eyeballs on your content.

Evaluate Individual Tweets: Go beyond your general Twitter performance and look at how individual tweets performed. Tweet Analytics lets you view the impressions each tweet receives, as well as the number of times another user likes, retweets, replies to, clicks, or expands each tweet. This lets you evaluate what information, content, subject matter, days of the week, and times of day get the most eyeballs and engagement. Armed with this data, you can adjust your tweet strategy accordingly.

Audience Insights: This provides analysis of the users who follow your Twitter account. It provides information about follower demographics, allowing you to understand your audience and tailor your tweets to them. It also allows you to identify demographics where you are lagging, so you can adjust your strategy to gain more followers in desired demographic groups.

You can get access to this data via Twitter’s native analytics tools, but more powerful analytics software like PropheSee gives you additional insight to better evaluate what this data is telling you and how to respond.

Gain Actionable Insights with Twitter Marketing Tools & Analytics Software

One thing Twitter’s marketing and analytics tools do not do is allow you to compare your data to your competitors. For features like this, you need Twitter analytics software like PropheSee. As you gain a better understanding of what works and does not work for your competitors, you will be better equipped to formulate a strategy to catch up or stay ahead of the competition.

You can also enjoy other helpful features, such as:

  • Real-time tracking of mentions – Monitor mentions of your brand and sort and organize them to keep track of what users are saying about you and to maintain conversations with your biggest fans.
  • Personalized grading and assessment of campaign performance – Take the guesswork out of translating Twitter analytics into useable information. PropheSee benchmarks your performance compared to your competitors and provides assessments that help you improve your Twitter campaigns and maximize your reach and influence.
  • Customizable reports that focus on the metrics you care about – Pick the analytics you want to focus on and PropheSee will create custom reports. Use this to improve your strategy by monitoring your performance over time to identify trends in your account and in the larger Twitter universe.
  • Analyze ad performance – Compare organic vs. paid tweets so you can make informed decisions about whether to spend money on ads or use your organic following to reach and engage with your audience.

If you are ready to use our software to broaden your understanding of your Twitter analytics data just sign up for a free trial and test drive our Twitter marketing tools today.